Kristine Kraus is passionate about putting our students first.

About Kristine Kraus

Kristine is currently serving on the Seminole County School Board and is proud to be running for reelection. As a school shooting survivor, a mom, a preschool teacher, and a school board member Kristine has always put our students first. Kristine is proud of what the Seminole County School Board has been able to accomplish over the last four years. Seminole County schools are number one in the state for STEM education thanks to programs she has championed that give students hands-on STEM experiences, she has expanded civics programs, career and technical programs, construction trades programs and have opened pathways and removed barriers for students exploring careers in teaching, clean energy, and emergency management.

Kristine is running for reelection to ensure our students feel safe at school, to continue to expand our Career and Technical Education Programs, and to grow our VPK enrollment to ensure every student is set up for success. In addition, Kristine believes that parental involvement in their student’s education must be a priority and focus of SCPS.

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Kristine Kraus cares about kids.

Caring Mother • Responsible Citizen
Active Volunteer • School Board Member

Seminole County already knows Kristine as a mom, an advocate for teachers, an active PTA volunteer and a school board member who shows up to listen and lead.

Kristine has been working to support Seminole County schools and kids for more than twenty years.

Kristine Kraus is a proven leader for Seminole Schools.

Since elected in 2018 to Seminole County School Board District 1, Kristine has prioritized our students at every turn and has been proud to champion:

  • First-in-the-Nation Physics Buses
    • Introduced our elementary and middle schools to physics – math in action. These retired school buses have been retrofitted with hands-on experiments. The “bus driver” is a certified science teacher who brings the buses to our 4th and 5th graders as an introduction to Physics.
  • Stenstrom Elementary – MicrOvideo
    • A program to attract students to Civics. Students each have a voice in their classroom goals and initiatives – forming the school constitution and businesses.
  • Lake Brantley Academy of Design and Entertainment
  • $800K grant for Career and Technical Education Programs
  • Launched the Winter Springs High School Public Service Academy for Emergency Management, Weather, and Teachers
    • Identifies students in Junior year who are interested in becoming teachers and provides a direct connection to attend Seminole State (tuition and books covered for first two years), followed by acceptance to UCF College of Education.
  • Connected Siemens Gamesa to build a partnership with the Winter Springs High Environmental Studies Program.
  • Lyman High School – approved funding for a new Construction Trades Program and Building.
  • Two new Primary schools designated with IB Primary years status.

“As a mother of four children who graduated from Seminole County Schools, an active member of PTA, and a preschool teacher, I will always put our students, teachers, and schools first.”

Funding for the Best Schools

As a mom, Kristine knows our children deserve the best teachers and educational support staff we can provide. That means paying a living wage and retaining our educators. Teachers should not have to obtain a second job in order to educate our children. They should be able to focus on the holistic education of our youth. Funding for resource officers for schools should be a priority.

Comprehensive School Safety

As a survivor of a school shooting, Kristine knows there is no single step to school safety. We need a comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of safety including mental health and bullying. All students should feel safe at school regardless of a students race, religion, ability or sexual orientation. We must invest in highly trained resource officers and mental health resources to ensure all students are safe in Seminole County Schools.

Planning for Students

As a graduate of a technical and vocational school, Kristin knows that college-bound students need to be prepared for college, and vocational students need the latest training to compete for high-paying careers in our local workforce. A skilled workforce is vital to the foundation of our community, and vital for our local workforce. There is no one path for all students. That is why Kristine has been proud to champion the expansion of Career and Technical Education Programs giving students the option to obtain degrees or certificates in web development, construction management, diagnostic technology imaging, and much more. 

Showing Up and Listening to Parents

From the day her first son started kindergarten until her last graduated high school, Kristine volunteered tirelessly on behalf of our teachers, students, and our community to make our schools better for everyone. She has taken her experience of a mom that shows up to listen and lead to the school board where she prides herself on engaging and listening to what parents want for their children. Kristine knows the importance of showing up and listening to parents.

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