Seminole UniServ has endorsed Kristine Kraus for Seminole County School Board.

“I am grateful for the support of Seminole UniServ and proud to receive the endorsement of thousands of teachers and staff.” said Kraus.

Seminole UniServ is the umbrella organization of four local public-school Unions; Seminole Education Association (SEA), Seminole Education Clerical Association (SECA), Seminole County School Bus Drivers Association (SCSBDA), and Non-Instructional Personnel of Seminole County (NIPSCO).

Kristine Kraus believes in ensuring equal educational opportunity for all students, supporting teachers and staff; school safety, and providing adequate funding for the maintenance and operation of public schools, Public tax dollars for Public Schools.

About Kristine Kraus

Kristine Kraus is an active volunteer in Seminole County schools and a mother of four Seminole County Public School graduates. Kristine is dedicated to school safety, vocational education and training options for students, and supporting Seminole County teachers and staff. Vote for Kristine Kraus to put a Mom and dedicated leader on the School Board.