A personal message from Tyler Kraus, Kristine’s son:

My mom set off on this adventure only nine short months ago to become your next school board member for Seminole County, Florida. It has amazed me beyond belief just how many of you have turned out in support of my mother’s campaign to protect our schools, putting our teachers and students’ concerns and needs back to priority one, and building this grassroots campaign.

Today is a very crucial moment for this campaign we have built together. This is your last chance to donate to my mom’s campaign. If you have chipped in before, every small-dollar contribution to this movement has made the difference. And I ask you just one more time, chip in now to my mom’s campaign to make Seminole County schools better for all students.

After 11:59 PM tonight, we cannot accept any more contributions. So what we raise in these final hours will determine just what kind of showing we have on Election Day.

I hope you’ll give me a few moments to explain why we need you with us one more time and to show up and vote for Kristine Kraus on November 6th.


From the moment my mother and I discussed starting this campaign, my message to her has been that she’s always shown up. I know my mom, and I know what she’s made of. I know she will show up every single day to fight for all students in Seminole County as if they’re her own. Every single day for every single student. No matter what.

When I was a Seminole County student, she stopped at nothing to do her part and help our schools. She showed up for me. She showed up for my peers. And she’s going to show up for us like never before on November 6th.

The Best Choice For Schools

Less testing, more teaching, no bullying. That’s exactly why my mom entered this race. She’s been a leader in every volunteer role she’s served for our schools. And with her 18 years of experience educating preschool children professionally, in addition to her almost 32 years experience as a mom to me and my brother and sisters, there is no better choice than Kristine Kraus.

A Grassroots Movement

She built this campaign from the ground up. She knows our community because she has always taken part in doing right by our neighbors. She understands the necessity of community involvement.

She is not a politician. She’s a mother, a wife of 38 years to my dad, an active and engaged citizen, and a natural-born leader. This campaign has been built by the hard work and determination of our countless volunteers, and the thousands of Seminole County voters who sent her to this run-off election.

And it’s worth mentioning, despite all the odds stacked against her, she fought the hard way, the right way, to place herself on the ballot. She was the only candidate that qualified by petition for this race, knocking on thousands of our neighbors’ doors to share her message.

Mark my words on this — my mom puts our community, our parents, teachers, and students — above all else. She has shown up for you every step of the way, and on Election Day, I hope you’ll show up for her. And, if you can, make one last contribution before midnight so we have the resources to win on November 6th.

Thank you for everything that you do. And as has been our mantra since starting this campaign…

Go fight win,