Kristine Kraus’ Priorities

Comprehensive School Safety

There is no single step to school safety. Kristine Kraus survived a shooting as a middle school student. As a mom and survivor, Kristine understands the fears of parents and students share about school safety.

We need a comprehensive approach to school safety that does not focus on arming our teachers. Additionally, it is not enough to entrust the lives of our students with “thoughts and prayers”. Our children need action and they need it now. Funding for highly trained resource officers and mental health should be priority #1.

Ending Bullying in Schools

School safety involves more than school shooting prevention. Bullying is still a pervasive problem for students of all ages in Seminole County schools. Students should feel safe at school and should not be made to feel unsafe due to their race, religion, ability or sexual orientation. Kristine will advocate for inclusivity of all students as Seminole County’s next School Board member. 

Funding for the Best Schools

Our children deserve the best teachers and educational support staff we can provide. That means paying a living wage and retaining our educators. Teachers should not have to obtain a 2nd job in order to educate our children. They should be able to focus on the holistic education of our youth. Funding for resource officers for schools should be a priority. 

Showing Up and Listening to Parents

Kristine cares about kids. Seminole County residents already know Kristine as an active volunteer and mom who shows up to listen and lead. She has been involved with Seminole County schools for over 20 years. Kristine has been an educator for pre-school kids. Kristine Kraus attends Seminole School Board meetings and is a volunteer with Rainbow Elementary’s i-Ready program for kindergarteners. 

Planning for Students

College-bound students need to be prepared for college, and vocational students need the latest training to compete for high-paying careers in our local workforce. A skilled workforce is vital to the foundation of our community, and vital for our local workforce. There is no one path for all students. There are options for students to obtain degrees or certificates in web development, construction management, diagnostic technology imaging, and much more.

Click here to learn more about vocational education and training.

More Teaching, Less Testing

Kristine believes that an emphasis on standardized testing does not truly benefit the students’ learning. Students better absorb learning content through active and engaging classroom instruction. Teachers should not teach to the test. Seminole County students need to learn critical thinking skills to prepare them for the real world.

Recess and Physical Education

It has been proven that children need breaks for their cognitive development. Students sit in their classrooms all day and allowing them outside allows for them to be able to better focus. As a mom, Kristine knows children need unstructured time to be kids. Kristine has been a proponent for at least 20 minutes of recess or more and will maintain recess times on the School Board. 

Lunch Programs and After School Programs

Kristine believes that no child should go hungry. Students cannot be successful when they are fearing when their next meal will appear. Additionally, afterschool programs ensure that kids are in a safe, supervised place so their parents are able to continue to provide for their families.

School Capacity and Effective Planning

Rezoning may not be a viable option for school capacity for both students and parents. Some students in Seminole County live across the street from a school they aren’t zoned for.

Class size is an important issue. 1,100 students at one elementary school and the next school is slated to be built in 2020.
Kristine is prepared to work with all levels of government to work toward efficient planning for are schools’ future. Teachers cannot teach or focus attention on their students when classrooms are overfilled. Schools need to plan ahead for how many students are entering the schools.

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