Vote for Kristine Kraus!


The School Board race is county-wide.

All Seminole County voters can vote for Kristine.

The election is decided on Tuesday, August 23, 2022.


Countdown to Election Day, Tuesday August 23, 2022








Vote by Mail, Vote Early, or Vote on Election Day

This Election Is Decided on August 23.

  • All Seminole County Voters Can Cast a Ballot

    The Election for Seminole County School Board District 1 is county-wide, meaning anyone who lives in Seminole County can vote for her on or before Election Day. You may have received a new registration card – check your new polling location.


  • Voting by Mail

    The fastest and most secure way to help Kristine win is before Election Day, by voting by mail. While lines in Seminole County’s polling places are historically the shortest in the region, many voters would rather avoid even the possibility of lines by voting from home.


  • Voters with Disabilities

    Seminole County has voted using pen-to-paper ballots for more than two decades. For voters with disabilities, we have ADA-compliant voting with audio ballots and a large-text voting option.


  • Early Voting

    Voting early in Seminole County has never been more popular. Early Voting for Kristine’s August election will be Saturday, August 13th through Saturday, August 20th 10 am to 6 pm each day.


Learn more about Kristine Kraus

Seminole County has over 70 precincts, county-wide.

Find your precinct and polling location by clicking here.